‘In the future we will make our own superheros’: Future of Broadcast, 2023

Arts Based VR/XR approaches to media research with children Dr Eleanor Dare A few weeks ago, while teaching Games Design at UCL, I invited undergraduates to create origami swans, this was part of an exercise exploring the so-called ‘Ikea Effect’. The Ikea Effect (Ariely, 2012) is the premise that people value things more or feelContinue reading “‘In the future we will make our own superheros’: Future of Broadcast, 2023”

MozFest: AI-Musement Park

Project Lead: Dr E.Dare Recognising the need for greater public understanding of how machine learning and other algorithms work, this project proposes to create a Mozilla Hubs and mixed reality AI themed amusement park,, designed for visitors to transparently experience machine learning algorithms and data processing mechanisms.  We are proposing to build a virtual funContinue reading “MozFest: AI-Musement Park”

The Blue Phantom

The Blue Phantom The weight. Weight of stacked cards in my left hand. The slow. Time dilation. Paper edges against epidermal ridges. Curved vertices nestled in fingers, touching the gentle radius of card corners. The lacquered pack moves in my hand with almost no friction. My thumb creates hidden bevels, wedging both ends to create another illicitContinue reading “The Blue Phantom”

Onto-cultural splicing

Ha ha, yes, I guess you could say it’s like Jurassic Park, only for our intelligences to grasp human culture. We call this area the colonial Mise-en-scène, for acceleration purposes we’ve done a fair bit of onto-cultural splicing, here Celine, Kerouac and Pound, the Shits as we call them. Hozomeen, Hozomeen, most beautiful mountain IContinue reading “Onto-cultural splicing”

Simulacrum or Double, Street View, Blackfriars Bridge (2009)

From Things seen on Street View (2009) The word simulacrum infers that one of these two identical objects is inferior to the other, but which of these images is the shadow version? The second image is less blurred while the first appears to be racing over Blackfriars Bridge towards its more sharply focused doppelganger. PlatoContinue reading “Simulacrum or Double, Street View, Blackfriars Bridge (2009)”