Eleanor Dare: Some work

Babel, 2023: “When it was proclaimed that the Library contained all books, the first impression was one of extravagant happiness.” Borges
Babel, comic, 2023

Anhedonia, book, 2006

Babel, forthcoming, Sci Fi London/Hackstock, 2023
Hackstock Sci Fi Festival Coming Soon
MozFest 2023: AI-Musement Park/Monstrous – reworking Moby Dick in light of Melville and CLR James and the extractive aspects of AI
Future of Broadcast
Immersive Learning Network Featured Speaker
Remote Sensing on AI and Illustration Camberwell 2023
Rear Windows workshops & interactive theatre performances coming soon
Ramon Amaro & Eleanor Dare LCC Talk on the socio-political entanglements of AI
Children’s Media Conference
AHRC Future of Broadcast project with Dr Dylan Yamada Rice, XOR Stories and Nikki Stearman 2022-23
Above, Dare’s Machine Learning projections in Wang, Jing [director) (2022) ‘Copenhagen in Rehearsal, a Digital Diffractive Performance’ , St John’s College, Cambridge, December 2022

Storytelling software by Dare, for Bussing Out directed by Shabina Aslam, Theatre in the Mill, Bradford, https://theatreinthemill.com/bussing-out/

The Riverine Archive with Alexandra Antonopoulou, see here: https://www.museusemparedes.com/en/riverine-archive-2/
Queer Psycho, Exo-Theatre/exploration game
ML Sci Fi

Above and below: Art Fair Innovations. A research team (Cruz, Walsh, Dare, Oakley, Ling Ming) from the RCA and Shanghai University examined the context, management and delivery of Shanghai’s West Bund Art and Design Fair and explored its relationship to Shanghai’s contemporary art world: https://www.rca.ac.uk/research-innovation/projects/art-fair-innovations/

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The Phi Books, Neighbourhoods of collaboration and participation, with Alexandra Antonopoulou AR/VR , drawing and writing: http://phibooksland.blogspot.com/
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Life drawing with code and machines, taught by me at the
Royal College of Art
Funded research project with colleagues at the RCA , UCL and Glasgow School of Art as well as colleagues in the Japanese VR/Gaming industry and Tokyo University (Yamada-Rice, Potter, Dare, Main, Gluck, Kei Miyoshi, Akihiro Ando, Nash):https://ukjapanvr.wordpress.com/
Royal College of Art symposium on extended reality:https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/virtual-realities-alterities-rca-research-symposium-and-manifestation-tickets-60865274675?utm_term=eventurl_text
The Other Real, elective on Utopia, RCA
AI-9-5 a research collaboration between the Royal College of Art and Microsoft Research, Cambridge,: Dare, Main, Postlethwaite, Carrie Chan
Eleanor Dare, Matt Lewis, Mary Stewart (British Library), students at the School of Communication, RCA
A brain interface and Galvanic Skin Response system for dynamically embodied image making
An interest in fungi and swarm behaviour comes through in my work
Crafting Futures, Kyrgyzstan, an RCA and British Council research project using ancient and emerging technologies , Ramanathan, Dare, Simmons, Pochodzaj, Kononova, Dinara Chochunbaeva, photo Adamdar.ca
Above and below, VR experience, Empathy for the Devil part of the group show:Fast Forward to the Analogue: Vintage Immersions:http://www.greenwichunigalleries.co.uk/fast-forward-to-the-analogue/
Rose, animated film
Rendlesham 360, Virtual Reality Game/Essay
Albert’s Leap, 3D Game
Albert’s Leap

Published by Rejected Short Stories

"Now I have restored some of my words that I want to tell people what it feels like to go through such an experience- the contents right flushed out of your brain. What it's like a whole load of other people's stuff pumped into it. Most of what they put in my mind was bank account numbers and bioinformatics data flows rearrange forever. A swirl of unstable figures, flows through me in all directions, such as rats and fleas self-replicating and voracious attacks of my brain, only animals was not, it was language."

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