Interview with a Narconaut

Mark Baxter’ is a narconaut. This means he smuggles drugs between planets and galaxies, mostly the highly addictive class A drugs known as ‘Pure O’ and ‘Mad’. Within a few minutes of meeting it’s strikingly clear he isn’t particularly ashamed of what he does and he doesn’t fit the stereotype of a drug trafficker either. RelaxingContinue reading “Interview with a Narconaut”

The Belper of Hill Wood

Within six months of launching my own online psychic business it was doing better than I’d ever imagined, despite the recession. I don’t mean to sound smug. It was a big risk setting up Beaurepaire, right in the middle of an economic and personal downturn, but I’ve come to realise ours is a professionContinue reading “The Belper of Hill Wood”

An Erroneous Judgement

Mr Faks was working late in his nail salon halfway down the Dip, behind the counter he was having a sneaky, (and thoroughly illegal), cigarette while arranging various bottles containing an assortment of film forming agents, resins, plasticizers, solvents, novelty colourants and other products that gave a special twist to his unique range of artificialContinue reading “An Erroneous Judgement”

The Snow Crystal Morphographer

The twenty seventh Snow Crystal Morphographer, Abbotess Tharsis, lived in the private monastery of Nakaya, 3 miles up on the North Western flank of Olympus Mons. To my mind the volcanic mountain resembles a breast with an inverted nipple, but the gentle and seemingly endless slopes of the mountain are commonly compared to a circusContinue reading “The Snow Crystal Morphographer”