Academic Publications

+Exhibitions & Conferences, doctoral supervision, funding Publications (book chapters & academic papers) Dare, Eleanor, Yamada-Rice, Dylan (forthcoming) (2023) ‘QUEER PSYCHO AND THE HE CIRCUS: Applying Queering, Magic and More-than-human Theories to Immersive Visual Story Worlds as an Antidote to Late Capitalism’, Presence: Virtual and Augmented Reality, Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. Dare, Eleanor (forthcoming) (2023) “MemoriesContinue reading “Academic Publications”

The Boolean Logic of the Thames

If you look at the code below you’ll see that my state is activated and defined by a number of factors, including the psychometric evaluation of readers, CCTV images of the South Bank area, financial and weather information and the height of the Thames at London Bridge. This may paint a rather confusing picture andContinue reading “The Boolean Logic of the Thames”

I’m going to have a crap and a cigarette, when I get back I want you to start telling me the truth

“I’m going to have a crap and a cigarette, when I get back I want you to start telling me the truth” “Why am I being detained here?’ I’d been in the room for over three hours and it was at this point I caught myself falling into what certain healthcare professionals have identified asContinue reading “I’m going to have a crap and a cigarette, when I get back I want you to start telling me the truth”

There are too Many Homeless People in Space

My name is Flight Lieutenant Susan Kirts and I want to tell you about a crisis situation which too many people are ignoring. The problem is simple – there are too many homeless people in space. This may be stating the obvious to some of you, perhaps most of you with any common sense, butContinue reading “There are too Many Homeless People in Space”

The Truth About Colony Collapse Disorder

I am the senior entomologist for the London Borough of Battersea. I have done this job for twenty two years, during which time most of my work has involved minor infestations and flea bites. In the last several years, however, I have been almost exclusively preoccupied by bees. Unfortunately this obsession has resulted in myContinue reading “The Truth About Colony Collapse Disorder”

The Sinkhole Inquiline

“One should not intervene, it simply isn’t ethical, that has always been my position”. “With all respect Dr Linn, it’s a little too late for that argument now. We have intervened, so why stop at this point, when things are so critical?” “I wasn’t informed of these interventions and would never have sanctioned them –Continue reading “The Sinkhole Inquiline”

A report from Hospital Ship Monad

H.M.S Monad, an immense and rusty hospital ship floating 20,000 miles above The Dip, describes itself as a ‘rest centre’ for the walking wounded, a sanatorium for agents who have been burnt out by their psychically enervating field work on behalf of the Fleet. The Fleet or (Collective Transparency) is sustained by a feclicific concretionContinue reading “A report from Hospital Ship Monad”